I used to have dreams. I never had a plan for success and thought i would be successful. I miss waking up with the optimistic feeling. Now all my dreams must be based on goals. My goals are limited by reality.


Its Been A While

I’m now 21. I’m living my life. I have taken more chances then I have been giving. I have learned more than I have taught. I speak less than what i know. I bend the truth with more truth. This is because almost everything contradicts itself. I love more than i trust. I’ve taken more than I have given. I have more faith then I have regret. My beliefs overcome reality.


    What more is time than a measurement of change. Time can be what makes or breaks anything. It can either strengthen one or ruin one. It teaches everyone and everything the ways of life whether in a positive or negative way. This is why i like the term “father time” whoever created that couldn’t have been more accurate. I believe the ultimate job of a father is to teach, protect, and provide. Well through time we learn all three ultimately until we no longer need it to be done for us making time the ultimate father. Not to say fathers aren’t needed but they just teach us what time taught them. Its teaching technique is change and as any other living or non living thing we are forced to adapt. As we adapt we change we grow older and we all know the pros and cons of aging. As seen with the safe even though it has no conscious it kept adapting and as an ultimate result it became fully rusted.The rust on the safe is equivalent to grey hairs and  wrinkles its just the way we as humans react to adapting to change. With that being said i guess change can be a measurement of time as well.

Life cont.

    What more is life than taking risks and hoping for the best. Nothing about the future is inevitable so in that case everything that a person does is a risk. From walking outside your door to go to work every morning to jumping off a cliff into a lake of water each one hoping for the best. Whether the best be still having your job when you arrive to work or having known you survived a 60 foot jump as you swim back to the surface. Either way people are just trying to find there way in life and have to to take various risk to find their own right path.

    My name is John. I’m not better than anyone and no one is better than me. I to have taken many risk in life just like the other 7 billion people on this planet. I have only lived 20 years on this earth and am still somewhat in search of my path. I enjoy wisdom from others who have taken more risk than myself learning from their choices and chances will one day help better my own. Me blogging  I believe is the best way to voice my opinion and release my millions  of thoughts I have in a day. I am not sure if anyone will ever read these and if they don’t so be it. These blogs will serve more as a timeline of my life and my wisdom as i grow, and hopefully be able to look back in the future and gain something from my own words. Who could teach yourself better than yourself cause only you know how you comprehend things. With that being said ill bring this to an end of a beginning of potential greatness.